The ISIS “Outrage Trick”. It is horrific but it works. How to counter it!

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The ISIS “Outrage Trick”. It is horrific but it works. How to counter it!

ISIS was created by Barbara Streisand.

Indeed, the truth is out.

There is a strange media effect, which is actually called: “The Streisand Effect”. It is based on a photographer who accidentally photographed Barbara Streisand’s seaside home. When the Barb went ballistic, about the potential invasion of privacy, her complaints promoted the photograph so much that it caused millions of new people to see the photograph and pass it around.

That was years ago and that photograph is STILL being passed around. This effect is now the study of every media psychologist on Earth.

By making a ruckus and causing outrage, social media geometrically promoted the very thing that was supposed to be a secret.

So ISIS comes along, sees the Streisand effect, and realizes that, if they do the most horribly outrageous things that they can think of, they will get free massive PR. They threw in some ultra-gay black Spiderman long-johns suits for themselves and bizarre fluorescent orange jumpsuits for the prisoners and lots of theatrical rehearsal.

Then they just seem to have sat around the campfire, smoked hashish and tried to out shock each other with horrible death ideas that would put even H.P. Lovecraft to shame.

Burning people alive, head chopping, etc. are ways to create the most extreme social media repercussions and fear-mnemonics possible.

For one counter-measure, about the only thing that will work is for England to send SAS squads to the Middle East to eat ISIS babies on live TV. That probably is not going to happen.

So out-outraging them is not really an option.

The biggest effect of the ISIS Outrage Trick is that it has filled France and England with terrified escaped Middle East evacuees who will, eventually, crash the infrastructures and economies of those countries. Even now, police are guarding the undersea tunnel, between France and England, to prevent a literal river of immigrants from flooding it.

Another option is to put all of those immigrants to work. Here they come, a highly motivated army of folks who really do not like ISIS. They were willing to risk death on the Mediterranean crossings to get away from them and they need jobs.

Give them jobs.

Hand each one a $100.00 notebook computer with a Facebook page built into it and say: “Here, go fight ISIS”. Help them launch a mind blurring social media campaign back at ISIS.

The effect of these masses of highly motivated refugees directing all of their outage, anger and frustrations back at the very people that drove them out of their homes would be rather impressive.

Europe was already in economic trouble. There can be no doubt that the refugees will crash those economies, the rest of the way, as global stock markets start to crumble. Foolish leaders try to stall the inevitable. Clever leaders use it as an advantage. Take the lemons and make lemonade.


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